The source organization

Basic directory structure

The directory structure is very simple and reflects the FreeRTOS source organization. If you need more information about the basic directory structure, feel free to look at FreeRTOS documentation page.The directory structure, starting from the root folder, is displayed in Figure 1.

Demo specific folders

NOTE Starting from FreeRTOS v5.0.3 I made some minor change to the directory organization. Now I use a schema versioning to improve the maintainability and code re-usage. The rest of this page describe the content of the most important demo specific folder, but some  folders have been moved to a new position inside the directory tree, so give  also a look to the new directory organization.

The demo specific folders are showed in Figure 1and are highlighted by a red box. The lwIP_130 folder contains the standard distribution of the TCP/IP stack. I added only the contrib\port\FreeRTOS\STR91x sub folder inside the lwIP_130 folder. It contains the implementation of the lwIP operating system emulation layer.

Figure 1

The ARM9_STR91X_IAR contains all others demo specific files that are not common to other FreeRTOS demos. Its organization is showed in Figure  2 and it is shortly discussed in the remaining of this document.

Figure 2

  • The Library folder contains the ST Standard library for STR91x.
  • The lwIPNetCalc contains all files implementing the network calculator. It is a simple web application that listen for an incoming connection. When the connection is established, the server application processes all request of arithmetic calculation (i.e. 5 + 3) and send back the result.
  • The lwIPWebServer folder contains all files implementing the basic web server.
    • The subfolder fs contains same example of web pages provided by the web server. The fsdata.c file contains the read-only image of the web pages. It is autogenerated by the make_fsdata utility starting from one of the fs subfolder.
  • The ParTest folder is the same as the standard FreeRTOS demo.
  • The serial folder is the same as the standard FreeRTOS demo.
  • The STCode folder contains the LCD driver provided by STMicroelectronics.
  • The webserver folder contains the web server implementation based on uIP. It is not used by this demo!