Using the project with Eclipse Ganymede

Eclipse Ganymede is finally here. I downloaded the version for C/C++ developers to glance at the new features of CDT 5.0. The demo project I developed with Eclipse Europa opens and compiles without problems.
An additional Eclipse plugin is required in order to execute and debug the application on a remote microcontroller target. I use the new  update UI to install the required component. It is is very easy to use:
  1. Open the Software Updates and Add-ons dialog from the Help menu.
  2. Select the Eclipse C/C++ GDB Hardware Debugging option, click the Install... button and follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation.
I download the binary file as explained in the section 3.3 in the main demo page, and now I'm quasi ready to debug the application. I have to change the debug configuration before starting a debug session:
  1. Select the Debug Configuration menu item from the Run menu to open the Debug Configurations dialog.
  2. Select the RTOSDemo configuration under the GDB Hardware Debugging group and configure the Debugger tab as shown in the below picture.
  3. Switch to the Startup tab, ensure that all options are unchecked and type the following GDB command in the Initialization Command field

    GDB Initialization Commands

    target extended-remote localhost:3333
    b main
    monitor soft_reset_halt
    monitor sleep 500
    clear main
That's all.