STM32 specific info


Hardware setup

Ensure that jumper JP4 is set so that JP4 pins 1 and 2 are shorted - this routes the output of the external 25MHz crystal to the PHY.

Connect the STM3210C evaluation board to a computer running a WEB browser either directly using a point to point (crossover) cable, or via an Ethernet switch using a standard Ethernet cable.

The IP address used by the demo is set by the constants configIP_ADDR0 to configIP_ADDR3 within the file FreeRTOS/Demo/CORTEX_STM32F107_Eclipse/FreeRTOSConfig.h. The MAC address and net mask are configured within the same header file.

The IP addresses used by the WEB browser computer and the STM32 development board must be compatible. This can be ensured by making the first three octets of both IP addresses identical. For example, if the WEB browser computer uses IP address, then the development board can be given any address in the range to (barring any addresses already present on the network).